About Islamic Calendar Tides

This website is a project designed in solving the centuries old muslim dilemma concerning the issue of islamic calendar and moonsighting through debates.

The author of the debate is currently living in an eastern Tanzania town called Tanga,where the effects of the dilemma have been much more prominent.

Though the desire of seeing a permanent solution to the issue had been in the author’s mind long before,but it was during expressing his dissentment for not being allowed to pursue university studies that it evolved and got channels to be represented.

It begins with summaries of famous symposiums conducted in Kiswahili,the mother tongue of the author, which were mostly funded by the Tanzania and Zanzibar governments intended to solve moonsighting issue.Then looks in the efforts done by various other groups and individuals around the world in trying to address the issue.

Noting the weaknesses and stuck points;the author is presenting his own research on how sea tides which are basically resulted by moon’s gravitation,can bring the solution.

Originally the project began as news paper articles which appeared succesively in the Dar er Salaam based Islamic news paper;An-nuur all through the years 2006 to 2008.But as the dilemma concerns the whole muslim world and the solution needs much more contributions ,that is why it has been necessary to use the techonologies at hand to involve many more people.

For non Kiswahili speakers they may miss the contributions of the sheikhs who participated there in,whom refered from strong islamic sources and reknowned muslim intellectuals .However the main ideas of the authors debate shall be presented in English.There is a place where others can contribute, and their comments reach the world.

Further more visitors of this site are offered chances to initiate their own topics to be discussed intended to elaborate some islamic issues which have so far not been clear among muslims themselves.

Current event topics worth of discussion in the islamic context of view shall be encouraged.And only three languages;Kiswahili,English and Arabic are acceptable as mediums for debating and correspondence.

This site as introduced in KUSOMEA CHINI YA MTI believes that there is a lot of people cabable of bringing strong ideas, though the education systems of most of the countries don’t recocgnise them.So this is the place they can freely express themselves and their ideas reach others.